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Lisa Babiuk

Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master & Teacher, Yoga Therapist & Teacher

David Tinoco

Founder of Divine True Healing, Body Code Practitioner.

Everything is energy, including your emotions. In certain circumstances can even hold you back from happiness. For instance an emotion that is traumatizing to the body can actually get lodged into certain organs or parts of the body as energy holding the information like a CD or flash drive. When this occurs it becomes a trapped emotion which can cause blockages in a person's body as well as manifest physical pain.

As people go through life they think certain physical pain is due to old age. But it's not completely true, trapped emotions can cause blockages in a person's organs which can malfunction. In some cases a broken heart which is a heart wall of trapped emotions can actually cause death in a person hence the term broken heart syndrome.

In this practice we work with a software called Emotion/Body Code 2.1, which was created by Dr Bradley Nelson. It goes through six different unique areas of the body and mental to pinpoint various emotions, blockages and and imbalances. After locating the imbalance certain techniques using magnetism which an emotion is comprised of. We are able to remove these emotions as if peeling a layer of an onion, finding the true you.

Heather Bond

Guided Intuitive Energy Practitioner, Intuit Registered Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher

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